Ever Onward

On the Road - Quote

The last time I found myself homeless, it was the result of an abusive spouse and her overwhelming desire to see me suffer. This time, my homelessness was somewhat planned – well, as much as one can really plan for this sort of thing. I finally got my parents away from the hellhole known as Utah. Having gone through my old belongings stored in their basement and assisting with the packing/storing of their worldly goods, I found myself ready for a new adventure. I’d put a little work into my 13-year-old Toyota Corolla (Bling – newly renamed “Bling the Undying” as a testament to his strength) and felt reasonably sure that he could survive another long adventure on the road. I felt the interstates and highways calling to me, their cries reverberating through my veins and echoing in the darkest corners of my weary soul.

Now I found myself holed up in another hotel, poring eagerly over my trusted map as I charted my course. The first stop would be Colorado – Loveland, to be more precise. If I had the time, maybe I’d drive down to Denver the next day and spend the night there. I had always wanted to roam the streets of Denver. Regardless, I hoped to set foot in a dispensary somewhere along the way. The concept of weed being legal, of it being sold in a retail environment, was so utterly foreign to me; I wanted to experience it for myself and – if I was lucky – maybe even make a purchase. Being physically disabled and in pain 24/7 made me curious as to its medicinal properties – specifically, its ability to provide relief from pain. From Denver, I would head through Kansas. I figured I could make it as far as Hays, or maybe Wichita, depending on whether or not I spent a night in Denver. After that, I’d make my way through Missouri and Tennessee before ending up in North Carolina, where I hoped to spend a night or two in Asheville before heading closer to the Charlotte area.

Beyond that … ? I wasn’t sure. I’m still not. One thing seems certain: the world is more open and full of possibilities now than it’s been in a long time. The feeling is both exhilarating and terrifying.